Do You Want Beans With That!

Would you like beans with that

I hear the roar go up shouldn’t that be Do You Want Fries not Beans!

“Do You Want Fries with That?” Probably one of the most well known selling phrases in the western world and of course synonymous with McDonalds.

A simple six word “nudge” that brings McDonalds over $250 million a year.

I was recently travelling up and down the coast  (Sydney to Lake Macquarie) and kept noticing these Would You Like Beans with That! written boldly on the sides of trucks. With the following image – I loved their idea – great marketing by Oliver’s Real Food.

Green Beans

Then as I stopped to gas up and of course saw a huge Macca’s sign which is not my choice of food but is my choice of convenience (very clean!!)

There next door was Oliver’s so off I toddled – and Yes they do actually say “Would you like beans with that?”.  The difference here being that you are ordering healthy, organic in my case gluten free, yummy food.

Oliver’s is the organic parasite to Macca’s. Only here in Australia on the East coast at the moment with each store positioned right next to a McDonalds!

One thing these two juxtaposed companies have in common is the use of a marketing ”nudge”!

In marketing terms an upsell.

Domino's App iphoneThe other night I ordered a Pizza from Domino’s and as I was giving my address for delivery the chappie on the phone says “would you like your pizza with guaranteed delivery in 20 minutes or less – you can for just $3” and to the inescapable subsequent question, “what happens if you don’t make it” – You get a free pizza.

Well a brilliant marketing upsell. $3 so you can be prepared, time your sustenance perfectly with the start of the movie and know it will be fresh and hot. Clever Domino’s added entertainment value as well, to make the experience more fun on the app it has the time of the order and a countdown clock and a map that tracks where they are.

Mine made it with just 8 seconds to spare – almost gutted they made it!

One dollar upsellOne last example, which some of you may have experienced. You are buying a product online. For example a course on your favourite social media. Mine is LinkedIn so lets say the course was How to use LinkedIn  to attract more high paying customers and it was $799.

You are buying the course and after you push the Add to Cart or Buy button you find yourself reading Join Social Media Applied Academy for just a $1 for the first month and get immediate access to all our 19 social media courses.

Crumbs all that for just an extra dollar, it’s got to be worth it. This is good marketing and an uncomplicated frictionless upsell.

Importantly with an upsell, there’s no fancy pitch or gimmick, just a humble suggestion – a friendly Nudge. The casual nature of these questions suggest their normality, encouraging in a ‘by the way’ assumptive manner.

I have been chatting mostly about upsells, but cross-sells are similar in nature, are used in the same way and are equivalent in their power and influence.

Your optimised sales funnel should always incorporate upsells or cross-sells. Remember the main goal is to build the relationship with your customer and keep them on that customer journey with you.

If You would like to learn more about taking your customer on a journey with your company – the blog “Stranger to Raving Fan” may be of interest to You – Read and see.


In your funnels provide upsell's so that your customers benefit by being offered something they are firstly interested in and secondly by making it a much easier, quicker and a more friendly way for them to get what they want.

When you buy a torch – you are offered batteries!

You are buying a beautiful new suit and the sales rep offers you some complimentary scarfs or matching ties.

Show your customers you care and are thinking about them and what they want. Make it easy and simple with upsells and cross-sells. This builds trust, the relationship and helps your customer complete a satisfactory purchase.

Upsell V Cross-sell

Upsell is whereby you encourage the customer to purchase more expensive items, to make a bigger order than they were initially considering, often with add-ons or upgrades.

Achieves a higher price

Air ticket + Class Upgrade
New Laptop + Better Laptop with SSD  RAM upgrade
Basic Car + Luxury Car

Cross-sell is the practice of suggesting or introducing other related or complementary products to your customer.

Achieves an extra product.

A classic cross-sell example I am sure most of you have experienced. You are buying a household appliance or in the Apple store buying their latest product, as us Apple Addicts tend to do!. Just before you purchase you are asked “Would you like Apple Care” or for the appliances “Would you like 3 years extra warranty”

Air Ticket + Car Rental
New Laptop + Carrying Case
Car + Free 3 and 5 Year Service

Upsell V Cross-sell

There are many ways in which you can incorporate upsells or cross-sells into your marketing funnel. Here are just a few to get those juices flowing.

Creating Bundles

Offering products in bundles at a discounted rate.

Takes away the hard work of choosing individual products, saving time and effort.

Key here is to provide exceptional value and nudge your customer to the best choice for them.

Creating Bundles

Extending Time

Buy 12 months get 3 months Free

Example – Purchasing software on a monthly basis but you are then given the option to upsell to 12 months and get 3 months Free

Extended Warranties

Get an extra 3 years warranty for just $x

Special Add-Ons

Upsize your meal. Do You Want Beans with That!

Get Your Meal guaranteed in 20 minutes or less.

2 Free (fill in the blank) when you purchase the larger size.

Frequently boughtOther Customers Frequently Bought.

Showing images of what other customers frequently have purchased with the same item as you are purchasing just before the sale is completed.

Small Financial Upsell

Example purchasing an online course for $199 for $1 more get complete access to all courses for a month.

Buying an ebook and for just $9 more get all 3 ebooks

Our Experts Recommend

On the sales page have a section our experts recommend and list several other related products.

Upselling is very much psychological so draw people in with a low-priced offer and then show them something genuinely better while you’ve got their attention.

Consumers aren’t stupid, they know the difference between low cost and great value. If the price increase is low in comparison to the increased benefits and value offered then it’s an easy decision for the customer therefore make it easy for your customer by engaging them with exceptional value.

Upselling and Cross selling are vital strategies in your shops and on your websites. Focus on your customers needs and offer with integrity. These strategies are crucial in affecting conversion rates and profits.

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