Old Facebook Pixel Phase Out Dates

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Facebook have given dates for the OLD PIXEL Phase Out.

What You Need To Do

What this means for you is if you are still using the old pixel it's time to update to the new pixel.

Information from a Facebook Mastermind group we belong to is:

“Facebook Ads Support Staff have said that tracking for the old pixel has been getting and will continue to get more and more undependable as it's phased out over the coming weeks/months”.

The dates you need to know are:

July 15, 2016: New ad accounts will not be able to create conversion tracking pixels. This includes existing accounts that have never created a conversion tracking pixel.

September 15, 2016: All ad accounts will no longer be able to create conversion tracking pixels. Previously-created conversion tracking pixels will still be available for use in campaigns and reporting.

October 15, 2016: Facebook will no longer actively support the conversion tracking pixel. At this time, Facebook will longer be adding functionality or actively maintaining the conversion tracking pixel. They will still be available for use in campaigns and reporting.

February 15, 2017: Conversion tracking pixel will be disabled. At this time, the conversion tracking pixel will be disabled and removed from our advertising tools. Results from campaigns that used the conversion tracking pixel will still be viewable in your reports.

These dates have been taken directly from Facebook Business Help. Click Here to view their article.

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