New Facebook Page Layout

Woo hoo – it’s time to celebrate! The new Facebook Page layout for desktop has been rolled out and it looks awesome!

When something changes it’s always a great time to do some housekeeping. To save you time fumbling around looking for what’s new and changed, I’ve created a list of things you should check on your Facebook Page to make the most of these changes.

6 Items To Check on Your Facebook Page

1. Your Cover Image

When visitors hit your Facebook Page your cover image is front and center, so it pays to make the most of this prime piece of real estate.

Your Cover Image stands alone with the new page layout, so you no longer have to take into account your Profile Picture or any other content overlay.

We’ve done some testing for the optimal size image, with an emphasis on getting the look on mobile right.

2. Your Cover Image on Mobile

We’ve come up with the following dimensions to ensure you get the best of both screens :

Facebook Cover Image Size August 2016

Desktop Image Display Size : 828 x 315 pixels
Mobile Image Display Size   : 640 x 360 pixels

Click Here To Download The New Facebook Cover Image Template (no opt-in required)

Facebook Page Call To Action Button3. Your Call To Action Button

The Call to Action button on a desktop is now way more visible. This is your opportunity to ask your fans to take some form of action, check the image to the right for the current CTA’s available.

Ensure you test the CTA button after you create / change it to make sure it goes where it’s meant to go.

You can monitor your CTA button using Facebook’s Insights. (Insights > Actions on Page > Action Button)

4. Review your Sections

The only change to Sections is they are now on the right hand side on a desktop. This is your About, Photos, Videos, Events etc. Now is a good time to review your about section to make sure everything is up to date.

You can re-order some of these sections but you cannot delete any of them. To edit a section hover over it and the edit pencil icon will appear. Click on it and make your changes.

5. Check and Manage your Tabs

All Tabs are now visible on your page, rather than hiding behind the ‘more’ button. It’s important you check all of your tabs to ensure they are current and work properly, especially any 3rd party app tabs you have.

You can reorder the tabs after Home and About (Facebook have these pinned to the top) by clicking on ‘Manage Tabs’.

6. View your page as a Visitor

As Page Admins we see additional information around to top of our pages. It’s worth having a look at how your visitors see you page, to do this click on More > View as Page Visitor. Look around at what visitors see and make any changes you deem necessary.

What do you think of the changes?

So there you have it, 6 quick checks you can perform on your Facebook Page to ensure you make the most of the new changes.

We’ve given them a huge thumbs up. What do you think of the new layout?

Click Here to watch a 45 second video that show's you how to make these changes.

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