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Boost Your Conversions - Reap Your Rewards.

Conversions and Leads, Leads and Conversions are like horses and carts, or your mobile device and your finger, you simply can not have one without the other if you want to succeed!

When we talk about conversions most people immediately think of sales, you have converted someone to buy something from you.

Whilst this is undoubtedly an essential part it is by no means the totality of conversions.

So what are Conversions?

Nudge’s definition is:

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Conversions are
An Action taken by your potential customer in a manner that will
move them along the journey with you

Conversion and conversion optimisation is used in every step and every stage throughout your marketing funnel.

Converting a stranger to become Aware of you and your business
Optimising an Ad for Conversion
Converting someone on your News Feed to click on a post
Converting a visitor on your blog to a Lead
Maximising your Landing Pages for Conversion
Converting your Lead to become a Customer or Client
Conversion Optimisation of  your payment page (cart abandonment is one of the highest causes for non payment)
Converting that Customer or Lead to consume your content
Converting your customer to a Returning customer, Fan and Advocate

Conversion is vital and where you turn your time spent into cash. Converting at all levels is essential, turning your cold leads into warm leads, and the warm leads into paying customers, and paying customers into fans and brand evangelists.

Conversions are usually actualised in 3 ways:

One with a Call To Action (CTA)
Two with Landing Pages
Three with Paid Advertising

Even social media conversions will lead to a landing page either within the platform or off on your own website or 3rd party site.

Conversions are optimised in 3 ways either by:

Data - metrics and analytics are used to produce data that after analysis allows you to tweak, manage, test and alter for maximum return.

Structure - have you Landing Pages and call to actions CTA been optimised for their design, content, images, and layout.

Behaviour - Firstly, knowing the your ideal customer optimise according to the likely behaviour of that individual. Secondly record, what action they take, when they take it and where they take the action.

Optimising for Conversion we come back to getting the Right Message in front of the Right Person at the Right Time on the Right Platform.

Conversions are vital
Conversions are how you turn Your time spent into cash
Converting at All levels is essential
Optimising for Conversions is core

As with everything that we do at Nudge Marketing, Conversion requires an holistic approach and well defined result driven systems. Conversions and the tracking of them can all be automated, but it still requires the human touch to be able to take the data and optimise every aspect of your prospects journey.

Conversion is a matter of having these strategies. Tried and tested systems that convert like crazy will save you time and money and allow you to grow and scale your business.