This 16 Point Checklist Generated 2839 New Leads in 23 Days

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New Leads Every Day

Are you missing out on valuable leads? Use these 16 Points to create HIGH converting website pages and watch your leads soar...

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The ONE thing you should design your whole page around (yes it’s that important!)
  • One simple strategy that is 8x more effective
  • How to CAPTURE the readers attention so they happily give you their email
  • Sarah increased her opt-in rate from 3% to 32.4% and generated over $26,000 in new business - find out how
  • Avoid the #1 Mistake that can get you Banned from Facebook and Google

2839 New Leads in 23 Days

"This checklist really works"

Sue T, Life Energies Ltd

Sarah was frustrated that although she was getting traffic she was not converting that traffic to leads. She increased her leads to 775 per week and generated over $26,000 in new business with the use of this checklist

stephen-testimonialSimple and straightforward, every point I had not done had an impact on my leads. We use this checklist as our reminder now for every marketing page that we create. Thanks very helpful.     Stephen - Fit4Life

When we design new landing pages, we always refer to this 16 point checklist. Download it and use it…these points work!

Helen Denney-Stone Helen Denney-Stone
Co-Founder & CEO,