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Do you want to know what the experts are saying about LinkedIn?

Great LinkedIn tips from 3 experts who were part of the Linkedin Success Summit

Just before Christmas I started listening to videos from top professionals who are all experts on LinkedIn.

Liam Austin put together the LinkedIn Success Summit and invited 35 top speakers to share their winning strategies, success ideas and LinkedIn tips.

Together, these invited experts condensed decades of experience and success into video sessions. In each session they teach their best LinkedIn tips and strategies for growing your business and income through LinkedIn.

The speakers are LinkedIn Influencers, authors, proven entrepreneurs, and industry thought leaders, and if you weren’t convinced before on the ROI of LinkedIn you definitely would be after hearing their stories and strategies.

There were so many great  LinkedIn tips in each of these videos, it inspired me to share some of these tips and tools with you all.

The following are my takeaways from the interviews with 3 of the experts, Dave Kerpen, Mike White and Jeff Bullas.

Here are some quotes, tips and strategies from these 3 experts…

Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen

LinkedIn Influencer, founder and CEO of Likeable Local

NY Times best-selling author & speaker with 600,000 followers.

Dave explained how he became a LinkedIn influencer, by reaching out and connecting. In 3 years he has built up his following to over 600,000 and has had nearly 25 million page views. He attributes over a million dollars of business directly to LinkedIn.

One post alone “11 Simple Ways to Become a Better Leader” has had over 3 million views on LinkedIn publishing platform.

This platform is open to all contributors now, not just Influencers. Dave has shared his formula for the 5 main ways to build success on the LinkedIn publishing platform.

  • 1. The single most important factor in writing an article on LinkedIn is the Headline - spend 90% of time and attention on the Headline and 10% on the article.
  • 2. Have a compelling and impactful image.
  • 3. Post concisely, 500/600 words is sufficient.
  • 4. Include 2 Call to Actions at the end of the post.
  • 5. Share the post, generate engagement and seed the post with other influencers, that can help you share the post.

Simple but effective rules to maximise your impact when publishing on the LinkedIn platform.

Below are two great quotes from Dave Kerpen

Build your network up as much as possible, the more people you are connected with the better

I am a real big fan of gratitude and paying it forward

Find Dave Kerpen on LinkedIn here @

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Mark White

Mark White

Mark White

Founder of Linked Training

Mark is a specialist & trainer, helping businesses generate millions using LinkedIn’s powerful inbound marketing and advertising opportunities.

Mark believes all small business can benefit from LinkedIn and they can get their products and services out there in front of the right people in the right way.

Mark gave great advice on how to achieve LinkedIn success.

  • Plan - have a plan before you start - What do you want to achieve?
  • Profile - this is key - present yourself in the right way.
  • Listen - to who you need to talk and communicate with.
  • Research - who you need to talk to and who you want to target.
  • Attract - find those that are your specific targets
  • Engage - with your community and contacts.

LinkedIn should be considered like a big room where you can find the people you want to talk to quickly and easily. Specific targeted people that you can engage with directly or through a mutual acquaintance.

The opportunities are enormous as long as you work at it – be active on LinkedIn.

Remember to use LinkedIn successfully, Plan, Profile, Listen, Research, Attract and Engage.

“Valuable connections takes some effort, start by personalising your invitation to connect. Make it clear for people why they should accept and become part of your network” – Mark White

Find Mark White on LinkedIn here @

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Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas

Founder of, Blogger, speaker & author.

Acknowledged in the Top Ten of The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent by Forbes.

Jeff started blogging 6 years ago and has over 5 million visitors to his blog annually.  That is over 450,000 readers per month!

He has accumulated a content vault with his blog with over 1.5 million words and over 1500 blogs.

“I use LinkedIn to share and publish and it is very important in my engagement strategy” – Jeff Bullas

Jeff believes there are 3 Keys to Online Success…

  • 1. Get traffic via social media like LinkedIn and search engines and build your own database. Traffic comes from 3 key areas, a) you either pay for it like an ad on Facebook or google; or b) you earn it such as earn authority on google search and get ranked and end up on page one or you earn followers on social media like LinkedIn; or  c) owned traffic and that is getting them onto your email list.
  • 2. Engage your potential clients and customers. This is achieved with content, you need to seduce your customer with great value content.
  • 3. Convert your prospects into a lead - converting them through your content, trust and credibility into leads and sales.

LinkedIn is great for this, you are able to connect with so many and have real meetings online or off, building relationships that eventuate in revenue and sales.

I love this quote from Jeff “Help people learn the things they need to succeed in this digital world”  

Find Jeff Bullas on LinedIn here @

LinkedIn is a truly interactive business space where you can connect, engage and build relationships.

As with any marketing you need to convert your prospects to leads with valuable content and using the LinkedIn publishing platform to get you content in front of those who are your target audience is one way, and a great way of building trust and adding to those relationships.

The LinkedIn Success Summit was full of wonderful interviews and the above is just part one of LinkedIn Tips from 3 Experts. There are more to follow, letting everyone in on some of the excellent strategies of top LinkedIn users.

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What would you like to know about LinkedIn?

What are your biggest challenges with the platform?

For those of you reading this post who attended the LinkedIn Success Summit what was your favourite or most useful LinkedIn tips? 

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