I was thinking of you…

I was thinking of you

5 of the most powerful words you can use in your copy are,

I was thinking of you…


Think about it, who do you normally hear this from?

You hear it from people close to you, your loved ones, or someone you haven’t heard from in a while. And when you hear (or see) those 5 little words they cause an effect.

How did you feel when you read the words?

Did you smile?

Or perhaps you paused to remember.

I was thinking of you… makes me feel cared about, important, remembered and loved.

I pay attention to what I hear or see next because I feel special. Heck someone has just told me they’ve been thinking about me, and I want to find out why?

How can you use it in business (and not sound sleazy)

The Number 1 rule is don’t over use it.

Don’t go stupid and add it to every single piece of copy you send out. Be selective, use it when you really want your prospects or customers to pay attention.

If you use it too often it will begin to lose it’s impact.

The Number 2 rule is make sure you’ve got something worthwhile to say.

Let me be very clear here, I’m not talking about it being worthwhile to you (ie they sign or buy something from you), it needs to be something that is worthwhile to the viewer.

Here’s an example.

You’ve got a course that helps people with job applications, and one of your clients has sent you a huge thank you email because they’ve just landed their dream job (using your course). You’ve got a list of people that have downloaded the free cheatsheet, so you send them out an email that goes something like this,

Hi [First Name],

I’ve just received an email from [name] who has just landed her dream job using the [123 method] and it made me think of you…
Are you still looking for a new job?

This helped [name] and could help you too…

Link to course…with a few key points

Can't wait for you to get started.

Chat soon
Your Signature

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t have to be long but it does have to be authentic.

This is one way you can use these 5 powerful words in your business without sounding sleazy or cheesy.

We hear (or see) what we want to

One of the primary reasons these 5 words work so effectively is they remove all barriers. When you hear I was thinking of you… you automatically pay attention and are open to what you’re seeing (as apposed to closed off and skeptical).

There is so much ‘noise’ around today that we have become very good at closing off and ‘blocking’ stuff out.

It’s one reason there has been such a shift towards providing a better Customer Experience (CX).

Apple springs to mind when it comes to delivering top notch CX.

The iPhone 3 was my first Apple experience back in 2007 (I was an avid Windows user at the time) and now I own the suite – Laptop, iPad, iPod and iPhone. Apple got me from the get-go. The experience they provide every time I interact with them always seems fun and frictionless, and their product line is sleek and easy to use.

What is Customer Experience (CX)

Let me start with what it is not. CX is not Customer Service. Customer Service is however one component of CX.

There is no definitive definition for Customer Experience so we created our own.

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Forrester’s came up with the following definition back in November 2010 that has been referenced more than once (yes it’s been around that long) :

“How customers perceive their interactions with your company.”

Perceive and Interactions are the key words in their definition.


Because it is acknowledging the importance of how a person perceives a company, as well as what touch-points they have with it.

Providing a customer journey that is as seamless and frictionless as possible is one of the keys to succeeding in business today.

Why is CX So Important

The following statistics are extremely compelling reasons as to the importance of creating a great Customer Experience.

– Companies that prioritise CX have 60% higher profits;
– Repeat Customers spend 33% more than new customers;
– It costs 6 times more to get a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one;
– Referrals by repeat customers are 107% higher than non-customers;
– 63% of the time you lose a customer it is due to them feeling undervalued or neglected.

(Statistics provided by the Data & Marketing Association)

Which leads me back to the purpose of this blog, those 5 powerful words…

I was thinking of you…

The mere nature of this sentence implies thought, caring, and generosity. (You can read more about the 4 G's including Generosity by clicking here) The perception is therefore positive, and the likelihood of the reader taking the next step has substantially improved.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a positive difference to your customers experience.

So next time you want someone to really pay attention to your message, consider adding these 5 powerful words at the beginning of the conversation…


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Elly is a Co-Founder of Nudge Marketing, a marketing training company owned and run by women showing small business owners how to grow their business by driving traffic, generating leads and building automated marketing funnels to sell their services and products. As a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, Ontraport Certified Consultant and an NLP Trainer, Elly offers a holistic approach to business - possessing both the technical and behavioural knowledge required in this digital age. Visiting Facebook HQ and signing the wall is on her Bucket List.

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