The ‘G’ spot

'G' Spot 4 G's

Do you know the ‘G' spot for having a successful and thriving business?

In marketing everyone knows about the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion

See my Linkedin pulse article where I explained how outdated the 4 P's are! … Maybe I should rename it the 4 G’s of Marketing! 

Anyway back to your ‘G’ spot . To have a business thrive you require more than just marketing.

Of course marketing is vital, we all need leads and customers. We all need to build our tribe and contribute with great content.

But, the real magic happens in your business when you master the ‘G’ Spot, 4 points that are the difference between the average business and the extradorinaiy business.

In life as in work it is our values that define us, how we treat our employees, how we conduct our business and how we engage with our fellow humans.

Now that all may sound a little ethereal and not concrete enough, not weighty enough to make a difference, but it is these values that underpin us.

The 4 G’s that comprise the ‘G’ spot are:



Generosity of spirit, generosity of mind and specifically in business generosity of value.

When you have a generous spirit and mind, this allows you to be open to others. Naturally engaging in what is good and interesting to them.

We have become a society that is sadly pushing one to look inwards. What is in it for me , how can I gain by this venture, what will this cost me, how much will I make, can I get it quickly, do I have to do anything for it – what’s in it for me.

Crumbs there is even an acronym for this now WIIFM!!

When you integrate generosity into your life and business the focus shifts from you to them.

Seeing the difference this shift makes will make you a believer. Feeling the difference this makes will alter your perceptions.

Looking for ways in which you can help or improve the situation of others.

Generosity is giving without any thought of reciprocation.

In our trainings we discuss reciprocation as it is a natural human behaviour and therefore is part of a customer journey. (You can read about the customer journey here) However it is used as an indicator to show us that what we are doing is great. People give back mainly when they feel they have received value.

Someone compliments you, gives you a good review, tells others about you, only when they have had value. So if this is happening to you in your business you know you are getting it right.

Giving great value is the highest priority, at every level within a successful business.

It is easy to incorporate within a business, simply have everyone agree that whatever they feel is the right value – do that then add 10% or if you can double it!

Incorporating Generosity as a core value into your business will make your business, and all those associated with your company run with a much greater purpose. The feeling of giving rather than taking invigorates and inspires.

Generosity allows you to think outside the box because you are not confined by the walls of your world.

Creativity and imagination  are totally enhanced with a generous spirit.

When we are thinking with a giving attitude, this incorporates making your business good for you and better for your customers, others and the planet!


I love this word! It conjures up an image of elegance, kindness and comfortable with one’s self.

When I have discussed being gracious with friends two feelings seem to arise that graciousness gives a warmth whilst still having an air of holding your head up, not bowing to circumstances.

Being gracious with your wins and gracious in defeat. Gracious with everyone you meet.

It is often said how humble he/she was, humbled by the accolade or how humble in defeat they were. For me being gracious is being humble whilst still standing tall.

If you are gracious with yourself and in your business, you can accept defeat and failure without the emotional stigma that both those words carry .

We cannot progress without failure, it is only in getting something wrong do we learn the real way to get it right. Let’s not beat around the bush – failure hurts – financially, mentally and sometimes physically.

I have failed and a few of my failures have been catastrophic. Reminding myself to be gracious with myself is the difference between a bleak depression and getting up and moving on. The difference between wanting revenge and just doing better in yourself.

Embracing graciousness does not mean you do not feel the pain of failure but allows you to be kind to yourself, recognise the learning and see the way forward.

The same applies if the failure has occurred by a third party, being gracious with you reaction to the situation will ultimately change the outcome.

Gracious with your wins too – come on who doesn’t love to win! As a highly competitive person, yes I know I am I like to win, I expect to win and I am proudly not keen on losing.

Luckily I have also had some awesome wins. Being gracious, means acknowledging the win internally without  ramming it down anyone else’s throat!

Graciousness within your business is a doorway to forgiveness and learning. Benevolence and self esteem. Holding your head up and looking at people in the eye without judgement.



Gratitude is a cognitive process, it is something that we learn. I do not believe that we are born with the attitude to be grateful.

Often it is a tragedy or comparison that sparks us into thinking of how grateful we are.

Gratitude is not tangible. It is a conscious decision to be present and grateful for everything that is in the world and not just what effects us.

In business gratitude reminds us to be thankful and gives us the willingness to show appreciation for others, their work and achievements.

Grateful of the learnings we receive. Grateful for the opportunities that arise. Grateful for our abilities.

In business gratitude builds an environment where colleagues acknowledge the positive in others first and not highlighting the negatives.

Gratitude brings more colour into your life with a wonderful grounding feeling.

From strong concrete foundations you can build whatever structure you desire. Gratitude provides these foundations.

From a marketing perspective what would a KPI be of having gratitude within your organisation? I would say it would be the well-being of all the individuals and a sense of belonging.

The power of gratitude should be given the eminence it deserves. gratitude is transformational!



I left this word to last because it is such an immense word.

You might ask… Who are we to aspire to be great or to be so influential that we are considered great, brilliant or significant?

Who are we to strive for greatness within and for our businesses?

I believe that we all must endeavour to be great, to have greatness within our lives.

Greatness, the sheer power of the word, drives us forward.

To achieve in business as in our personal lives we cannot stand still. In reality if you stand still you go backwards. Maybe this is not so apparent in our personal lives but is unquestionably so in our business lives.

We need our dreams, intertwined with a plan and a vision.

Even if we do not ultimately attain greatness, it allows us to head in a positive direction. Making a difference to our lives and to the lives of our families and others. A difference in the world as a whole.

Without great people, great achievements would not be accomplished, or even ever visioned.

From Martin Luther King's vision of a land where each person would be judged by the content of their character, rather than the colour of their skin; to Elon Musks fossil free world and SpaceX project.

Greatness is part of the whole making our world a better place.

When you embrace these 4 ‘G’s into your life and business you will certainly hit the spot.

As an after thought – Do I hit the ‘G’ spot all the time? – of course not I am human.

Don’t they say to ‘Err is human'

But as humans we can make a conscious decision to hit that spot everyday. Practice makes perfect, start with one G and work your way up to all 4.
Be the kind of woman

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Helen is a Co-Founder of Nudge Marketing, a marketing training company owned and run by women showing small business owners how to grow their business by driving traffic, generating leads and building automated marketing funnels to sell their services and products. As a Qualified Digital Marketing Professional with Behavioural Economics, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Helen offers a holistic approach to business - possessing both the technical and behavioural knowledge to turn a business around. Finishing her next book and entering the Archibald prize are on her Bucket List.

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