Create Content

Content is how you tell your story.

Content provides an opportunity for your connections to get to know you.

Offering high value informational, educational, entertaining or inspiring content is at the core of your business success.

Making the content you create easily digestible and relevant is how you attract your leads. People want connection and need help more than ever before, you have an amazing skill-set that can help them and make a huge difference in their life, if only they knew you existed, and they will. Content is one of the pieces of the jigsaw, you just need the other 2).

Your content is the sweet toffee that tells them who you are.

Your content should either agitate their problem or tease them with a result they want.

Your content is what attracts your leads, it creates curiosity in their mind.

You have given them a nudge, you’ve got their attention and they will want to know more.

Their curiosity leads to engagement. Engagement leads to conversions - yes that’s money in the bank. This is a system you can replicate again and again and content is one of the core elements.

Creating high value content can be achieved quickly and effectively with the right 'know how' and system, ensuring you will be seen, be heard, get found and most importantly you will sell your service or product.

You only need the 3 core elements to make this work consistently.

  1. Connections - your lead generation;
  2. Content - your connection;
  3. Conversion - your revenue.

Before your negative self talk kicks in let us dispel a few myths

You are not a naturally gifted writer.
You don’t need to be. Content is more than just words, you can use audio, video or imaging. If your content portrays who you are and is authentic your audience will want to devour it.

You are not artistic or a graphic designer.
You don’t need to be, there are plenty of free (and paid) tools to help you.

You are not sure what to say.
There is a simple formula for this that is easy to follow. Once you know this you’ll never be stuck for words again.

You don’t have time.
Yes you do, and once you get this system set up you will in fact have more time. Two of our key values are “do it right once so it can be replicated” and “work smarter not harder”.

It won’t work for me because my business is different.
Yes your business is different but the formula used to grow any business is exactly the same. This will work if you’re a brick and mortar business, offer on-line services, sell physical products, sell on-line products or a combination of them all - the principles are the same.

At Nudge Marketing we have walked this path and as a result have helped scores of small business owners just like you.

Will you be the next one?