It's time to get your Profile to the Top with
How To Stand Out on LinkedIn 

In this How to Stand Out on LinkedIn course you'll discover HOW to set your profile apart.

You have a lot to offer others and LinkedIn has over 500 million users for you to tap into.

To do this, here's a special opportunity to make sure that you can be Found, Seen and Heard on LinkedIn

In the social media environment there are 2 things that really matter.

1 - Your Content
How Do Others See You? First Impressions Matter! Does your profile STAND OUT from your competitors?

2 - Distribution
Are the right eyes and ears seeing and hearing your content?

Since you're reading this page I'm going to assume 4 things about you...

1. You know LinkedIn is a powerful platform

2. You have a product or service that can help make someones life better

3. There are people that need what you have but they don't know about you ... yet

4. You could do with having a 'standout' profile, one that gets you Found and Noticed

Yes! then this How to Stand Out on LinkedIn course is exactly what you need

Online it's ALL about Being Noticed

LinkedIn is, across the board regarded as the most effective channel for businesses to get clients.

Over 80% of Leads generated from social media for B2B marketers come from LinkedIn

Source: MarketingProfs

If you are recruiting or looking for a job, LinkedIn is singularly the best platform 98% of businesses canvased said LinkedIn was the platform of their choice.

Thanks to MarketingProfs & Content Marketing Institute for their recent survey revealing the Effectiveness of Linkedin as a Social Media Platform

LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform.

To be noticed you want your profile to be in the Top 1% and your SSI to look like this. Follow the advise given in this course which will help you achieve this.


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Still Wondering if this Course is for You?

This checklist should help

  • Stand Out on LinkedIn is for you, if you know you, your product or service is great but it isn’t getting the attention it deserves
  • Stand Out on LinkedIn is for you, if you are a business owner and you want to make sure your profile is at the Top level
  • Stand Out on LinkedIn is for you, if you want a step by step guide on what and how to get noticed
  • Stand Out on LinkedIn is for you, if you are wanting to find a job
  • Stand Out on LinkedIn is for you, if you want to show your credibility and authority
  • Stand Out on LinkedIn is NOT for you, if your product or service doesn't deliver value above and beyond what you are charging your customers
  • Stand Out on LinkedIn is NOT for you, if you want some tricky and manipulative marketing tactic
  • Stand Out on LinkedIn is NOT for you, if your goal is simply to "get rich quick"

Hear from our happy customers 😀

Dan Hurley

Thanks Nudge - Great course, really extensive and I was able to implement immediately. Added 137 connections in just 12 days and after 3 weeks have got my SSI up from 28% in my industry to Top 6% so great improvements.

Dan Hurley
Strategic Solutions

I'd nominate! Helen Denney-Stone for her LinkedIn course - Helen reviewed my LinkedIn profile and I can't tell you enough how helpful and giving she was. We went through my entire profile and gave me her opinion and ideas of what I should do to, not only improve it, but how to drive traffic to it - and didn't hold back at all on sharing all the knowledge she had about LinkedIn. She blew me away. She waaaay over-delivered on her promise. And she was the epitome of a true professional. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Helen!

Kevin Deeb
Kevin Deeb Florida Consumer Law Group
Anne Hardcombe Anne Hardcombe, Look Good Feel Good

Great Course, easy to follow step by step method. I have put most of the course into action and I am already seeing results also I loved the bonuses, really useful.

Michael Lawson Michael Lawson, Online Video Consultant

This works! this course actually works. I implemented the stuff boosted my profile and right away I was getting invitations to connect. Cool thanks.

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You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Fist Impression

Make Sure Your First Impression is Exceptional

In this course you'll...


 Discover the 3 Essential Foundations of Your Profile. You can't build a high-rise on cracked foundations. Get these 3 elements right and you'll put yourself ahead of the crowd!

 Get these '3 gems' right and you will be found for your targeted keywords and can be easily contacted. LinkedIn has it's own built-in search engine. The steps in this course show you how you can Rank #1.  

 See the power of dialling in your LinkedIn Profile with 3 case studies. Each shows a different way you can benefit from having a 1st class profile.

Find committed support. You can reach out via email or Facebook Messenger and your questions will be answered by a one of our friendly and knowledgeable support staff.

 Plus ... Once you've got your profile up to speed there are 3 things you can start doing immediately. These take less than 15 minutes a day and are how you get found and stand out!

A course wouldn't be complete without BONUSES. You'll also receive :

Bonus # 1

Done for you LinkedIn Scripts to Invite and Connect with Others

Bonus # 2

An Action Plan, your key to Everyday Engagement on LinkedIn. You'll find a list of over 16 things you could do daily

Bonus # 3

Create a Profile that POPS with these bullets. Help others See and Read Your Content with Ease

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