Automated Funnels

A successful marketing funnel is a frictionless system, wider at the top to catch many prospects and narrowing to the opening where customers, clients and fans will emerge…

…assuming you follow the correct process! 😃

Automated - allowing technology to do the work for you.

The fundamental basis of all business and the function of the funnel is to lead a prospect along a guided journey.

Growing a trusted long term relationship.

Good Marketing Funnels Contain all the Following Journey Steps


All marketing funnels start with getting your markets attention. This step is about being noticed. The journey begins for your prospect as they become aware of you and your product or service. There are 2 ways to get your markets attention - Organic and Paid.

Your Prospect is now Aware


You have their attention, they like what they see or hear. The next step is the lure, or as some call it ‘the bribe’.

Guide them on their journey by offering high value content in exchange for their name and email. In this step your prospect is evaluating your product or service, so high quality content is vital.

Your Prospect is now a Lead


Your lead is positively on the journey and decides to invest by becoming a paying customer. The magic happens and trust builds when you captivate your lead with your content.

This is a fundamental and favourable change in your relationship.

Your Lead is now a Customer


This next step is where your Return on Investment (ROI) begins to escalate. When you are able to keep your customer on the journey. The customer confirms they continue to see the value by becoming a repeat customer.

Inspiring, entertaining or educating your customer with relevant, superior quality content and service is the way to achieve this.

Your Customer is now a Repeat Customer


All successful businesses aspire to this step. Retaining your customer so that they become a raving fan. The fan sees such great value in your business that they actively promote you to others.

Your Customer is now a Raving Fan

4 Pivotal Points for Funnels

  • At every step in the journey it is essential that you have a Call To Action (CTA). That is, you provide at every step throughout the journey and relationship an opportunity and a way for your prospect, lead or customer to move forward.
  • It is at these junctions that people can be lost from your funnel. To overcome this always have contingencies in place. The 2 contingencies we recommend you use are retargeting and email campaigns.
  • At each step there should be retargeting campaigns. Retargeting is a way of ensuring you remain top of mind with many touches.
  • Email campaigns are an intrinsic part of any funnel. The main 4 being on-boarding, engagement, ascension, and retention.