Joint Venture – a Super Quick Guide


What is a Joint Venture? A Joint Venture (JV) is a strategic alliance between two or more, people or companies, where they agree to contribute services, products, IT (intellectual property) or capital to the mutual benefit of all parties. However each party retains their own identities, property and business. A joint venture is very different from…

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3 Sins Coaches Make in Getting New Clients


New clients – is it an issue? With the majority of our clients the first problem they raise with me is that they are worried about getting new clients, they see their main issue as how to attract new clients and how do they get known, so new clients will find them. When we start…

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Building a new website? 8 things to do first.


I am hoping that if you have landed on this page you are embarking on building a new website, if not you should be! I thought that everyone who owned a business, large or small, had a website. You would think that if you wanted to have a successful business now having a website would…

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