3 Steps to Grow Your List – [2nd Edition]

Do You Want to Grow your List? You do have a list – don’t you ? Having an email list is at the core of any multi million dollar business. It is also the heart of any new or growing business. The day you should start to grow your list is the very first day and…

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LinkedIn Tips from 3 Experts – Part 2

LinkedIn Tips

Want to know the strategies the experts use on LinkedIn? Part 2 – Excellent LinkedIn Tips from 3 more Experts LinkedIn Expert Tips from Helen Denney-Stone Marketing Training Liam Austin put together the LinkedIn Success Summit and invited 35 top speakers to share their winning strategies, and success ideas. Together, these invited experts condensed decades…

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LinkedIn Tips from 3 Experts

Do you want to know what the experts are saying about LinkedIn? Great LinkedIn tips from 3 experts who were part of the Linkedin Success Summit Just before Christmas I started listening to videos from top professionals who are all experts on LinkedIn. Liam Austin put together the LinkedIn Success Summit and invited 35 top speakers to…

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Stranger to Raving Fan – Your Customer Journey

Do you know the journey your customer needs to take to go from Stranger to Raving Fan? Have you planned their journey with you and your business? A good customer-centric business should create a symbiotic association between You, your firm, your brand and your customer or client. A mutually beneficial relationship, with one Main difference…

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5 Business Tools That Should Be In Everyone’s Kit

We all need a Toolkit to get things done What business tools are in your toolkit? This week I am going to share with you some of the best Apps and Software to help you in your business. Below Are My Top 5 Business Tools. All business needs traffic, whether foot traffic to your shop…

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Relationship Equity

What is Relationship Equity and… Why it is so important? Building your Relationship Equity with your prospective clients or customers is imperative. Why? Because gone are the days where you simply advertise your product and someone would see it and purchase. The buying psychology of purchasers has changed. Many buyers have become “shop browsers”. These…

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Why Use LinkedIn?

why use linkedin

Do You use LinkedIn? If Not – Why Not? … The LinkedIn Facts… LinkedIn was launched in May 2003 and now has over 400 million users with 97 million unique users a month. Two new members join every second. LinkedIn is available in 20 languages and 200 countries and territories. Over 40% of users check LinkedIn…

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3 Keys to Smart Branding


Why is smart branding, so important? We absorb more information in less time than ever before, in fact more in a day than we used to in a year. There is so much noise out there with over 347,000 tweets per minute, over 144 million emails sent every minute, more than 4 million Facebook likes…

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28 Questions to Answer Before You Brand

get-your-brand-right-with -these-28-questions

Getting your branding right from the get go! “A great brand is a necessity, not a luxury,”   Scot Bedbury Branding is all about loyalty, growth, sales, identity, positive word-of-mouth and raving fans. It is also a way for you to convey your mission and purpose. In this world of fierce competition, where it is…

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5 Snazzy Tools to Create Images Your Fans Will Love

5 image creation tools

Create Images in Minutes….. Create images that get you noticed and spark engagement.  Having easy tools to use is the best, simplest and quickest way for you to be able to create you own memorable images in just a few minutes. Being a great lover of art and design, this is a subject very close to my…

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