7 Infographics for the Smart Marketer

7 Infographics for the Smart Marketer

On-line is a busy place these days…

…which makes it difficult to stand out.

Here are 7 infographics collated with the Smart Marketer in mind.

As you're going through them, consider this. Every little (or big) thing you create is felt, seen or heard by your prospects and customers. And, depending on your business don't discount taste or smell. 

1. 5 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan

5 Minute Linkedin Infographic

Click the image for the full Infographic

This infographic has something for every LinkedIn User, from beginner to seasoned pro. Well worth checking out, there may be something on here you hadn’t thought of doing.

NB: I’m not convinced the timing mentioned is totally accurate, like everything though, the more you do it, the quicker you’ll get at it.

Infographic Source : Created by Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins – Bluewire Media

2. True Colours: What Your Brand Colours Say About Your Business?

True Colours Small

Click the image for the full Infographic

Think about your favourite colour? (Did it make you feel good?)

Now, think about a colour you don’t like? (Feel different!?)

This is the very reason you need to think about what colours you choose for your branding. Colour is the FIRST thing a consumer will notice about your logo.

This infographic gives you a brief description of the colours red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black and white…

Check it out, especially if you’re new in business or thinking about re-branding.

Infographic Source : Created by Column Five Infographic Design Marketo

3. How To Be Productive

Be Productive Infographic

Click the image for the full Infographic

There are some great tips in this infographic from Anna based on her own experiences over a one year period. She covers ideas to do with:

  • Tech
  • Clothes
  • Hacks
  • Body
  • Schedule
  • Food
  • Mind

I’ve worked in a job that involved wearing a uniform, and I 100% agree with her suggestions for clothing. Looks like I’m in good company too…

Infographic Source : Created By Anna Vital

4. How Search Works – From Algorithms to Answers

Google Search Story

Click the image for the full Google Story Board

Google has become a (large) part of every connected persons life.

Need an answer to something, you google it

Want to find out how something works, you google it

Looking for a nice restaurant to go to, you google it…

…in fact I doubt there’s a question Google doesn't have a response to!

So how exactly does Google know what information to show the searcher? This story board they've created explains it really well.

Tip : If you are in business of any kind, you should definitely go check this one out. Understanding how Google selects what to show in the search results, gives you the ability to optimise your work.

Story Board Source : Google

5. A Well Balanced Blog

Well Balanced Blog Small

Click the image for the full Infographic

The playfulness of this infographic caught my eye. Comparisons to something people understand are a great way to get a message across. We’ve all been taught from an early age that getting a healthy balance of the various food groups is important to good health…

…as is having a healthy balance of variety on your blog.

Infographic Source : Created by Social Fresh (Inspired by a blog from Hubspot – 5 Types of Posts to Feed Your Business Blog)

6. A Brief Introduction to Typography

Typography Small

Click the image for the full Infographic

To round out these infographics I couldn’t go past this one that covers a brief history of typography.

Ever wondered what font you should use on your marketing or website? The Top 10 section will help you out.

Or if you’ve always wondered about the anatomy of a glyph, you’ll find the answers to that here too.

Infographic Source : Created By Buscando Trazos (You'll find a larger version of the full infographic here)

7. Is Life Good?

Life Is Good Small

Click the image for the full Infographic

For a little fun, I want to finish with this one.

It’s not always about the size of the infographic…

…rather the message it delivers!

Infographic Source : Created By Kirby Satterfield

Have you got a favourite infographic or perhaps you’ve created your own?

Share a link in the comments and tell me why you like it so much…

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