28 Questions to Answer Before You Brand

get-your-brand-right-with -these-28-questions

Getting your branding right from the get go!

“A great brand is a necessity, not a luxury,”   Scot Bedbury

Branding is all about loyalty, growth, sales, identity, positive word-of-mouth and raving fans. It is also a way for you to convey your mission and purpose.

In this world of fierce competition, where it is crowded and very noisy, it is important to get your brand right from the get go.

So before you decide on your brand ask yourself the following questions:-

Your Reason Why

1.  What is your goal for your brand?

2.  What is the purpose behind what you are doing?

3.  What is your mission?

4.  What inspires the vision?

5.  What voice do you want to be heard with?

6.  What identity/personality are you wanting to convey?

7.  What direction do you want to go forward with?

Your Client/Customer

8.  What is the problem that you will solve?

9.  What is the problem of your typical client/customer?

10. What the fears and frustrations of your clients/customers?

11. What are the wants and aspirations of your clients/customers?

12. What is the main negative emotion you are dealing with in your clients/customers?

13. What is the main positive emotion you are dealing with in your clients/customers?

14. What are their values and beliefs?

15. Who is your avatar?

Your Story

16. What emotion is aligned to your brand?

17. What story do you want to tell with your brand?

18.  Is this story current in today’s market?

19.  Why should anyone care about this brand?

20.  What brand name tells express what you want to say?

21.  Does that brand name have a google domain available?

Your Delivery

22.   How do you intend to get your message across?

23.   How is your message different?

24.   How will you make your brand exceptional ?

25.  Have you solved your client/customers problem?

26.  Will your product make a difference in your clients/customers lives?

27.  Have you continued your brand across every avenue that engages with your clients/customers?

28.   Will this brand attract the right clients/customers to me?

Building a brand is vital to differentiate you from your competitors, but there’s more to branding than having a memorable logo and design. Whether you realise it or not, you’re already branding yourself from the very moment you start talking about your idea to your friends. So it is essential that from the beginning you ensure that whilst the brand is an authentic vision of what you want to achieve, it above all else conveys the right message to your prospective clients, solves their problems and creates the right emotions so your prospects become your raving fans.

 “The key to generating loyalty and rising above the general noise seems to be all about creating an authentic voice.”    Richard Branson

Let your brand be your authentic voice.

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