11 Must Have Chrome Browser Extensions For Your Business

Do you use the Google Chrome Browser?

Below you’ll find 11 must have extensions to add to your browser. Some are for productivity, some are for peace of mind, and a couple are for creativity and inspiration.

If you’ve never added an extension before click here for the Google Web Store to explore your options.

When you add an extension it will appear to the right of the URL address bar.
All of the extensions we’ve shared below are free, and appear in no particular order. Each of the Links go to the Extension in the Google Web Store.

Facebook Pixel Helper

If you are using Facebook Advertising and have the Facebook Pixel on your website, this Chrome Extension is a must have.

It allows you to check at a glance if your pixels are loading and firing correctly on your pages.

For us this means peace of mind. We use Facebook a lot and if the pixel stops firing for any reason we want to know so we can get it fixed ASAP.

Click Here for the Facebook Pixel Helper.

NUMBER 2 has been removed as the extension is no longer available 🙁 – This was the Facebook Turbo Ad Finder Extension which I loved because it stopped me getting ‘sucked in' to the News Feed! I am currently researching other options and I will add one once I had a chance to check it. If you're using one please let me know.

Video Speed Controller

Time is our most prized community and when I use this extension I feel like I get time back – sort of 🙂 This extension allows you to speed up (or slow down if you need to) videos you’re watching. I’ve used it on video’s in websites, courses, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. It’s a must have for anyone that watches any video online.

Click Here for the Video Speed Controller

Do you find your computer runs slowly some days?

It could be because you have a lot of tabs open in your browser. This extension allows you to save all open tabs in One Tab – your computer performs better and it’s so much easier to locate the tab you want.

Click Here for the One Tab Extension

Awesome Screenshot

How many times have you seen a page or something online you’d like to take a screenshot of, but it’s too small to see when you minimise your view so it all fits your screen?

This extension allows you to take a screenshot of the whole page. Check it out, there are so many applications for this extension.

Click Here for the Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recording

ColorPick Eyedropper

This is a great extension for anyone creative – at the click of a button you can find out the colour of anything you see on your screen. It shows you HEX, RGB & HSL. Next time you need to match something or want to replicate a colour, this is the extension for you.

Click Here for the ColorPick Eyedropper

Tag Assistant by Google

If you’re using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Adwords on your website/s this is a great extension to check that things are working okay. Again it’s something that offers piece of mind at a glance on your pages.

Click Here for Tag Assistant (by Google)

Google Docs Offline

This is a great extension if you use Google Docs and need the ability to work on your documents when you aren’t connected to the internet.

Click Here for Google Docs Offline


This is more than an extension, it becomes your screensaver.

If you love images, want a daily inspiration, somewhere you can add you main focus of the day and a to-do list then this is a great option for you.

You can add links you use a lot, see the weather and customise it to suit your needs. A great option is you are visually stimulated.

Click Here for Momentum

Share To Facebook

If you have a business page on Facebook – or are someone that loves to share on your personal profile – this is a great extension for you.

When you find a page or video you really want to share all you need to do is click this extension and a Facebook Share box will pop-up, select where you want to share it, add some text and share away.

Click Here for Share To Facebook

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Have you ever visited a website you love and want to know what Theme it’s built with? This is the extension for you. It’s great for developers and designers too. Next time you are curious about what your seeing click the BuiltWith extension.

Click Here for the BuiltWith Technology Profiler

There really is no end to this list, these are 11 we use nearly every day.

Have you got an extension you can’t live without? Add a comment below and share why with our community.

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